Yenagoa, The Capital of Bayelsa


Yenagoa is one of the local governments and also the capital of Bayelsa State in Nigeria. It is located in the southern part of the area. Bayelsa is a state in the south part of Nigeria, and it is between Delta and Rivers state.


The headquarters of this LGA is in the town, Yenagoa. This capital has swaps and mangrove forests surrounding it, also the tropical rain forest. The area is calculated to be 706 km.

What’s the city known for?

So many notable, successful, and significant people come from this part of Nigeria. There are lawyers, doctors, musicians, and even a president, like Goodluck Jonathan, the former president of Nigeria, Timaya, a very talented and famous musician, Timi Dakolo, a highly recognized musician, late Ernest Ikoli, an activist and independence fighter in the early years, Alfred Diete, a former governor of Rivers, Dan Eye, a former minister, and so many other prominent people in different fields.

Yenogua is known for having large production of crude oils and also their massive rain forests and mangrove. They are also known for their swampy lands.

Peace park
Postal code and population rate

The population of people living in Bayelsa as of 2006, when the last population census was conducted, was estimated to be 1,704,515. Yenogoa was estimated to have a population of 352,285. The postal code for Yenagoa is 561.


Yenogoa is the capital of Bayelsa, and Bayelsa was created on the 1st of October 1966 during Abacha’s regime. Bayelsa is from some part of Rivers and one of the newest states created in Nigeria. The name was picked from the first two letters in the state’s central-local governments.

Economic outlook

Yenagoa, Bayelsa state is prevalent for its vital contribution in the economic sector of the country. This state is known for having a more significant production of gas and crude oil. Crude was founded first in this state in the 18th century. Most people still live in poverty despite being one of the states with natural resources in Nigeria. This results from inadequate road systems, inadequate infrastructure, lack of employment, and so many things it lacks—most people in this state venture into fishing as a bit of a way to make money and consume at home.

Flood in Yenagoa

English is the official language in Yenogua, but other languages spoken are Ijaw, bomu, nembe ogbia, etc.

Local Government Area

Yenagoa is one of the eight local governments in Bayelsa. The rest include; Ekeremor, Brass, Ogbia, Sagbama, Nembe, Southern Ijaw, and Kolokuma.

Educational Sector

The educational sector is one of the most important aspects to look into a state because without this sector, there won’t be prominent people that will manage the economic and other sectors in the state. Bayelsa has Secondary schools and tertiary, which includes colleges(education, nursing, etc.), polytechnics, and universities. They include; College of health sciences, Isaac Jasper college of Education, Niger Delta University, School of nursing, College of arts and science, medical university, University of Africa, federal polytechnic Ekeowe, Federal university otuke, and International Institute of tourism. They all are located in Bayelsa state.

Bayelsa is a beautiful and calm place. It is precisely the place you need to go if you need to get away from stress. Though it is a rural place, it still serves its purpose of either tourism or to get away from stress.

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Yenagoa, The Capital of Bayelsa

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