The Vibrant Kim Jong-un

Who’s Kim Jong-un?

On 30th December 2011, Kim Jong-un succeeded his father Kim Jong-il and became the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK). Kim Jong-un is the current leader of North Korea. He was born on 8th January 1983, and he’s currently 36 years of age now. Kim has been a vibrant leader since he ascended into power in 2011. Kim is the first leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, born after the country was founded in 1948.

His impacts in North Korea

Since 2011 that Kim took over power as the leader of North Korea, he has been solid and vibrant. Kim’s kind of leadership has been with many actions to show that he is a youth and a young leader.

Kim has imparted so much into the lives of North Koreans. No matter the tragic incidents that have been happening in North Korea, for example, the recent food crisis that hit them profoundly and made the official rations go down to 300 grams, the Nuclear weapon sanction by United Nations, Kim has made North Korean citizens regard themselves as important people globally. When they talk, the world hears their voice.

Kim has made North Korea gain few allies and has caused countries to develop a deep interest in bilateral trade. For instance, China, president Xi Jinping has made it known that China is interested in promoting bilateral ties with North Korea.

His Limitations

Kim is the kind of leader who doesn’t respect other countries’ leaders; he always goes against the law. Since Kim ascended into power, he has tested so many nuclear weapons that he cannot build. He has created so many rifts between him and other neighboring countries like South Korea, Japan because of his constant nuclear weapon test that he always carries out in their land. Kim even made several threats to the United States of America.

Kim Jong-un is gradually becoming influential by setting up so many summits and meetings with effective leaders like United States President Donald Trump, Russian Present Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping. Kim set up the first meeting with the United States president Dona Trump to improve the two countries relationship. Kim has also had discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin to strengthen their relationship. Kim is now a prominent figure that other influential leaders want to meet for one reason.

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