The new craze of the heavy military budget by countries

If the capsule filled with weapons of War breaks upon the world, as it soon may, who and which countries will the weight of the Crime of instigating universal military disaster for National gains to fall upon? Perhaps the 3rd World War may gradually be matching on humanity. If it is not, then what are the reasons for the new craze of heavy military budget by countries?

There is a new craze of heavy budgeting for the military, rich and developing countries of the world, especially by the rich countries. Thus, that raises a survival question on the Minds of nationals of the world. And the question is, if the world suddenly collapses in a Holocaust, who will the ultimate beneficiaries be?; Perhaps, those who have their lives encased somewhere in space.

Reasons For The New Craze Of Heavy Military Budget by countries

The reasons that we may adduce for the new craze of heavy military budget by countries may include the following:

  • Maintenance of the status of a superpower as exemplified by the United States of America and Russia. In this regard, the United States of America increased its annual military budget to 610 billion dollars in 2017. While Russia upgraded its military budget to 69.4 billion dollars.
  • Contending the position of a superpower, the case with China that astronomically increased is the 2017 military budget to 228 billion dollars.
  • The desire for territorial expansion is the case with Russia’s annexation of Crimea, a Ukraine province, and perhaps an eye on the provinces. That probably accounted for the rise in its military budget in 2017 to 69.9 billion dollars
  • Border hostility between India and its neighbor Pakistan, give India the impetus to increase his 2017 budget to 66.3 billion dollars.

Other reasons

We may see other reasons for the new craze of the heavy military budget by countries in the Republic of Korea’s craze for recognition as a respected member of the elite superpower group and the fight against insurgency and terrorism Nigeria’s government.

In the case of North Korea, it’s a dramatic increase in military spending, or maybe her craze for recognition as a world nuclear power. Still, it may have its roots in the desire to cringe South Korea, Japan, and neighboring countries into acknowledging her military supremacy over them.

Nigeria, Iraq, and Syria are countries whose military spending may be premised on the prevalence of insurgency and terrorism in their territories. There is no gainsaying that the desire to eradicate the presence of ISIS in Iraq necessitated an increase in its military spending and that of her main ally, the United States of America. In contrast, Russia’s military assistance to Syria in the face of rebellion and ISIS, also caused Syria and Russia to increase spending on arms and ammunition. Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram and other insurgent groups caused her to budget over 380 billion Naira for the military in 2018. According to the source, much of the sum was deployed in the purchase of fighter jets and combat helicopters as well as ammunition.”

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