The Five Languages Of Love

Love has several languages. They are not the sensual and romantic European languages of the Andalusian and Iberian peninsulas. The languages constitute the way we receive and communicate our feelings when we are in love. This article explains the languages or love.

What are the languages of love?

There are five languages of love:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Service
  • Giving gifts
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch

These love languages cut across both genders. It would be wrong to assume that one gender only communicates love in a particular manner. There are different approaches based on the temperament and love style exhibited by an individual.

Words of affirmation

We all like to be praised for doing stuff, and this goes a little deeper. Words of affirmation keep your partner reminded of how much you mean to them. People who speak this language want to hear you speak reassuring words to them.

It is more than just saying I love you; words like I miss you; you make my life complete; you are my true love. These are expressions of the depth of love for a spouse, which endears the speaker of this language to the person making these remarks.

In summary, affirmative words are verbal expressions of care, love, and affection to a lover. Why is it effective? People like to hear good things about themselves.


Simple acts of service communicate love to some folks. Doing the laundry, cooking meals, running errands and other gestures communicates love to people who read meanings into people’s actions. They understand the effort and time taken to render help, and this speaks love to them.

Giving gifts

This is a universal language of love. When a gift is exchanged, it shows the depth of warmth and goodwill the sender has for the recipient. Gifts ranging from flowers, gift cards, to vacations to relaxation spots are ways of saying always remember me, even though I am far away from you.

Quality time

From stories of 40+ years couples, people who speak this language are fond of having quiet moments with their spouses. It entails devoting time to talk or engage in activities meant for two people. The speakers of this language perceive quickly that they no longer feel like spending time with a lover once they are no longer interested in a relationship.

Physical Touch

This could be by physical touches of reassurance, kisses, and sexual intercourse. Sex can be abused or used as a weapon by a manipulative spouse. However, shoulder squeezes, pats on the back, and hugs communicate simple shows of affection.

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