The Beast System | What It Does

What’s the beast system?

The beast system is a conglomeration of the old world communication structure of traditional Media and the new world internet system designed to control citizens’ minds, behaviors, and actions in such a way that benefits the state or status quo.

In Revelations 13:3-4, the bible records that “the whole world was filled with wonder and they followed the beast….who is like unto the beast? Who can wage war against it.” [New International Version]

Therefore, the system radicalizes the futuristic biblical view of Revelations 13:3-4 to encapsulate social, political, and economic losses of dissident citizens and correct behaviors towards other citizens’ states.

The Beast System Summarized

The Beast system created through the highly mobile and versatile internet system can be summarised as follows:

(a) Social and credit score
(b) Marx communication system
(c) Big brother surveillance
(d) Buzz feed
(e) Correctness
(f) Cultural Marxism, and
(g) Frankfurt School from 1950

What exactly does the Beast system do?

The Beast system authorizes the internet’s most effective surveillance on the private lives of citizens. The hellish system gathers information on citizens. Such information includes citizens’ movements, citizens’ internet behavior, political opinions, love lives, and private conversations. It also monitors travel history and even shipping patterns.

Sometimes, these devilish internet cameras take information on individuals’ facial expressions, which they interpret as favorable or unfavorable to the state and, by implication, loyalty or disloyalty.

Danger alerts triggered on the predatory internet system may deny a dissident citizen a bank loan, use of the public system such as high-speed trains and flights, access to jobs, and even restrict the so-called political rebels, the freedom to buy and sell.

As an operative in China, the system denied prominent anti-state journalists flights, as was Liu Hu’s case in 2017. Liu’s case with the authorities was that he was an anti-corruption crusader who exposed corruption in high places and official wrongdoings.

The Internet As A Beast System

Therefore, it has become clear that the internet has become a modern-day authoritarian beast, full of wonders, but you must join in because you cannot beat it.

It is worth mentioning that the authoritarian system is intra-state and may have international applications. A case in hand is the power and authority wielded by the United Nations organization, which remains a threat to small defense units.

Finally, the sanctions and threats of military interventions of the United States of America on Nuclear ambitious countries may be considered too.

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