Life As A Teenager

Who’s a teenager?

A teenager is one who falls between the ages of 13 and 19. You are no longer a child, but not yet an adult. When you get to the age of 20 years, you are then said to be mature.

As a teenager, you experience different forms of development in your body. These physical changes are indications that you are mature and growing into adulthood. When you start experiencing these changes, you shouldn’t panic about it but accept it, for this, is the puberty stage of life. The physical differences between boys and girls are not similar and will be highlighted below.

For the boys: It is difficult to know when the changes start. All boys can not experience changes at the same age; some experience theirs early while others experience theirs late. These are the average age when puberty occurs:

 Beginning of puberty: This occurs between the ages of 9 to 14 years.

 First puberty development: The enlargement of the testis

 Enlargement of the penis: This begins after one year of the growth of the testicles.

 Pubic hair: These are hairs that grow around the penis. It occurs from the age of 13.

 Wet dreams: These is referred to as nocturnal emissions, and it begins from the age of 14.

 Deep voice: This occurs from the age of 15.

 Hair under armpit: This occurs from the age of 15.

 The hair on the face: This also occurs at 15 years old.

For the girls: Changes occur in girls. The changes in girls do come earlier than that of boys. Girls of the same age may not experience changes at the same time. Below are the average changes that occur in girls:

 Beginning of puberty: These occur between the ages of 8 and 13 years.

 First puberty development: The breast begins to grow.

 Pubic hair: These are hairs that grow around the vagina. It starts increasing from the age of 9.

 Hair under armpit: This occurs from the age of 12.

 Menstrual period: This occurs between the ages of 10 and 16.

 Voice: Their voice is not as deep as that of a boy. It is indeed, lighter.

As a teenager, there are things you have to take seriously. Your life as a kid is quite different from your life as a teenager. Here are a few tips on how to experience a remarkable teenage life.

Independence: As a teenager, try to be independent. Learn to solve some minor or domestic Issues on your own successfully. It helps in developing confidence in yourself. But when and if you fail, do not hesitate to seek your parents’ support.

Have a goal: Try to set a goal, be productive, and become an achiever.

Hygiene: As a teenager, you naturally tend to appear clean. But this could be hard work, yet it is rewarding. Ensure to remain neat always.

Decision: Making a wise decision could be difficult but can be achieved when you learn to think and reason about things before moving.

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