Lagos Island East: Corporate Headquarters of the State.

Lagos Island East

Lagos Island East is the central business district city in Lagos Island. The city reflects its occupants, with its ever-vibrant appearance of tightly knitted residential buildings with brown roofs and commercial buildings of different shapes and sizes.

Lagos Island, the central business district city

Lagos Island East is often referred to as Isale Eko, located on the eastern district of Lagos Island. It is bordered to the southwestern where Ikoyi and Victoria Island joined it by landfill, while Ebutte-Meta is a neighborhood community to its North.


Lagos Island East is not short of recreational parks to unwind. The Nigerian National Museum, home to numerous historical items of archaeological and etymological value, such as the car in which a former Military Head of State was assassinated and the Benin Ivory mask; The National Art Theater, a center for performing arts located northeast of the city; Tafawa Balewa ceremonial Square; Freedom Park, a leisure park constructed to preserve Nigeria’s cultural and historical heritage. The city has more than three public libraries.

The Musical Society of Nigeria is a performing stage for all music lovers and art enthusiasts who want to see beautiful art orchestral performances and more. Lagos City Mall has over 30 shops, high street boutiques, and a cinema on its second floor.

This city gives you a vibrant corporate and commercial outlook and pampers you with numerous historical and leisure spots. These are why Lagos Island East is the city you would love to get stuck in.

Postal codes and Population rate

Lagos Island has a total population of 212,700 with postal code 101001. most vehicles registered on the Lagos Island District carry AAA as its abbreviation


Isale Eko was first inhabited by Aromire, one of the sons of Olofin. Due to a disagreement between the chiefs of Aromire farmstead and a wealthy woman Aina, she had to involve the Oba of Benin in the investigations. Oba of Benin sent two people to investigate. They didn’t get close to the city but saw a fishing pole from afar that they mistook as a war flag. They reported their belief to the Oba of Benin. The Oba of Benin sent Aseru, a warrior, to capture Olofin and his sons. Aseru did this and stayed back in Iddo, continuing the fight with neighboring states. He died in Iseri.
Asipa took his body back to Benin and was rewarded by the Oba. He was asked to govern Iddo Island and was also given the Royal drum, which is still in possession of the Oba Eko. Ado, his son, became the first Oba of Lagos.

Economic Outlook

Common sites in Lagos Island East are different branded high-rise buildings, such as the United Bank of Africa (UBA), the oldest bank in Nigeria at Marina, home to the Nigerian Stock Exchange and every blue-chip company. In the city’s downtown, Isale Eko is home to one of the country’s biggest open markets. Balogun market is home to small and medium scale companies of all scale littered along the street, which serves as a shopping mall to the resident and a popular trading spot to outsiders. People come from far and near to work in the city. With 65% of the corporate workers from Lagos Mainland working in the city. Due to numerous firms’ corporate headquarters, there is the constant sight of massive gridlock on the road.


Lagos Island East has a tropical wet and dry climate with two separate rainy seasons. The most intensive of the rain occurs in April and July. The dry environment starts between August and September, accompanied by the desert wind from the Sahara, which is strongest in December. March has been tagged to be the hottest month with a temperature close to 35 degrees celsius, while the coldest month is August, with a temperature of 25 degrees celsius.

Educational sector

Lagos Island East is home to prestigious and historic public and private educational institutions. Eko Boys High School, Eko Akete Grammar School, Lafiaji Senior, and Junior High School. It is also home to one of the oldest schools in Lagos, the over 100 years old Kings College.

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Lagos Island East: Corporate Headquarters of the State.

Lagos Island EastLagos Island East is the central business district city in Lagos Island. The city reflects...

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