Introducing The Nintendo Switch Gaming System

Is the Nintendo Switch really worth it?

Available to go at $299, the Nintendo Switch integrates in-transit gaming, with a home console aimed at providing the gamer with a wholistic 24/7 gaming experience.

Weighing approximately .88lbs with the controllers attached, the Nintendo Switch console comes at a handy 9.4inches length, at the height of 4inches. The Nintendo Switch promises hitch-free gaming sessions wherever you are, with its NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor, 6.2 inches LCD screen, packed with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and brightness sensors. Also included are Stereo speakers, 3.5mm audio jack, and 3 hours charging time for the Switch Lithium-ion battery.

The Switch introduces detachable controllers with all the routine controller features, buttons, analogs sticks, and adds motion sensors. The Joy-Cons can be used as a traditional handheld controller when docked for on-the-go individual gameplay, or as multiple controllers when the Switch’s console is stationary and shared with a friend for multiplayer games. The Switches Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth 4.1 system allows for a seamless connection between up to 8 Nintendo Switch systems, bragging rights on Mario Kart 8, or Pokemon: Lets Go is worth fighting for.

If you are not sold at the opportunity to defeat your friends on the up to 1080p video output (via HDMI on TV) or 720p on the Switch’s multi-touch captive touch built-in screen, definitely the 4310mAh battery offering of 2-6hrs gaming experience (depending on the game) has to do it.

No? You are a storage person, all that matters is the storage space, the Nintendo Switch packs a 32GB internal storage capability, extendable up to 2TB via the MicroSDHC or microSDXC external storage options, offering you a galaxy of gaming and storage options.

The hybrid console has sold 34.74 million units as of March 2019 from its 2017 launch date. With the extra features the Switch carries, we are not wondering why it has sold that much;
No Region-Restrictions: The Switch allows users to switch regions, just what you need to let you enjoy certain games before it becomes accessible in your region.
Gameplay Duration: A within profile option shows an estimate of how long you have spent playing a game, with extra features that shows your Friends duration as well( with their code/consent, of course).
The Switch introduces an easy way to find a lost controller, while the Switch isn’t going to send you an exact location of your Joy-Con, it presents a vibration-based option to find a lost Joy-Con
Switch on your TV wirelessly via the Joy-Cons home button. *This feature isn’t available to all TVs however.
Connect your phone, PC, Mac to the Joy-Con via Bluetooth
Dark Mode Menu: Cause lets face it, you need this.

With more features in the works, blockbuster games joining the Nintendo Switch System, a cloud backup system( paid for of course), and a rumored newer model in the works, the Nintendo Switch is fast on becoming a best-selling console that promises only to get better. The Nintendo Switch has been an upgrade from the Wii U.

I believe this explicit description answers the question:

Why is Nintendo Switch so expensive?

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