How to Walk in Heels

Many girls and ladies love to strut their stuff on heels because they believe being in it adds glamour and sophistication to our dressings and the way we walk. Classy ladies love heels, which can be described as a type of shoe in which the heel comparable to the toe is considerably higher off the ground. As such, it is pertinent for one to know to use them to avoid pains limping around town in the name of wearing heels.

Reasons to learn how to walk in heels.

It will help give you a balance
When using a shoe like heels, you would only have a balanced movement if you know to wear it properly and walk in it properly too, or else it will hinder your swift progress, especially if you have one or two appointments to meet.

It makes your feet attractive:
The only way you can get the admiration you need by wearing heels is to walk in it properly, so walking properly in heels will make your feet attractive.

Advantages and disadvantages of learning how to walk in heels


It gives confidence:
That give the wearer a courage to walk in it, one wouldn’t think of falling or missing a step.

It helps one be stylish:
Because one of sure of walking in heels, then walking in style is imminent, this comes with self-esteem to strut your stuff without fear.

It gives one good body posture:
Being able to walk in them, and holding your head high gives one good posture when walking.


Difficulty in walking:
This is the first problem that comes with not being able to walk in heels. Walking around in heels will seem like a chore.

Back and foot pain:
Not learning to walk in heels properly will both back and foot pain.

It can affect the bones:
Not walking correctly in heels can bring severe damage to the bones of the leg.

How to walk in heels

Here are tips on how you should use heels for optimum satisfaction devoid of pains.

Avoid tight heels;
Naturally tight shoes come with some level of discomfort so avoid buying uncomfortable heels, so that you wouldn’t feel unnecessary pains walking in them.

Stretch the legs:
Try to be stretching for some seconds intermittently while on heels. This little exercise will help keep your calves from cramping while walking in heels.

Take your time on it:
Try to be a bit conscious while in heels and take your time while walking in it. Avoid trying to rush with it.

Practice first:
Practice makes perfect, keep practicing how to walk in heels still perfection.

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