Five Best Board Games of All Time

Board games

There are quite a several games available today. Unlike many other games that are restricted to certain people in the population, board games are not explicitly limited to a particular set of people. Instead, they are for everyone that cares to learn and play them. They can be fun for both children and adults, male and female alike. There are some board games that you can play alone, while some other ones are for multi-players.

How many of the games do you know?

Of course, the list is endless, and there is possibly no way you will know about all the games. However, there are some common ones that most people know. Here are some of the most commonly played board games.

It is categorized as the most played of all the board games. It has a way of developing the way you think and strategize dramatically. It is merely a battle between two great kingdoms, and the competition is won when the king is killed. Notable isn’t it. The moment you start to play chess, one thing is on your mind: to get the king. To be the best in this game, you need to plan a couple of moves and predict your opponents’ next move.

The elements on which scrabble operates are language and grammar. It may be a simple game but requires smart people. The pieces of block letter you work with will be randomly selected from the bag containing them, and your ability to combine the notes you pick by luck determines your point. Invariably, your victory depends on your luck and ability to connect letters to make correct words.

Checkers, like chess, is strictly a game of 2 players. It may appear simple, but you also need to plan your moves while tricking your opponent. It is another board game with diagonal movement that is easy for anyone, especially children, to learn. You win when you have gotten all or almost all of your opponent’s pieces.

Monopoly is one of the most common games. One of the reasons for its popularity is the involvement of everyday human endeavor. While you roll the dice, you can get to pay your rent, buy properties, or anything you need. If you ask around, you will find out that many people grew up playing this board game.

The backgammon is considered to be one of the oldest. It was estimated to be about 5000 years old. However, many people still play the board game today, and its software is installed on most computers. It is also played by the rolling of dice and requires a great strategy to win your opponent.

Nobody in this century will claim never to have played these games, either on the board or computerized gadgets.

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