Bonny, The Beautiful Island Town In Rivers

Bonny, Rivers State

An Attractive Town to Visit in Nigeria is Bonny, Rivers State. For a prosperous and fast-growing economy in Rivers State, Nigeria, Bonny Island is a place to be. It is a thriving rich town to visit for a lovely vacation experience.

Bonny Island
Topology and Geographical Location

Bonny Island is located near the Atlantic Ocean in the Southern part of Nigeria. It is situated near Port-Harcourt and surrounded by the Atlantic river. It is located 6 miles (10 kilometers) upstream from the Bight of Biafra on the Bonny River (an eastern distributary of the Niger River).

The island near the Atlantic Ocean offers it an advantage of beaches, boat rides, and an enchanting environment backed with unique seafood delicacies. The same place poses a disadvantage of boat accidents and pirate attacks sometimes experienced by indigenes who regularly use the ocean to go to other Rivers State areas. This harsh side of the town’s location is controlled to a reasonable extent by gunboat security available on the water routes.

Beautiful town features
What is the town known for?

It is a land of rich cultural tradition, having a traditional ruler at the helm of her affairs and a buoyant crude oil economy. This town’s feature is its constant power supply due to the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) company and other major oil companies that have made their home. The island has tourist sites, hotels, and beaches that make it an excellent place for a visit or vacation.

The active presence of oil companies on the island is an opportunity for visitors to observe crude oil production activities. Apart from beaches such as Finima Beach, a location that hosts many festivals and excitement, other major attractions for tourists on the island are the Finima Nature Park, the Island Golf Course, and the Monkey village. Carnivals and cultural displays like the Sibi Na Dua Cultural Display are examples of entertainment for Bonny’s people.

Population rates and Postal codes

The zip code of the island is 503101. Following the 2016 population census, the population rate in Bonny is 302,000. Motor vehicles registered in the city are seen with the BNY abbreviation at the start of their plate numbers.


Bonny was founded before the 15th century. It was initially called Ïbani. It became popular when the Portuguese arrived in Nigeria. It was used as the main entrepot during the Atlantic slave trade before the Britsh came to take over the Port, renaming the town “Bonny.” Bonny is the corrupt pronunciation of Ibani. In 1806, the slave trade got abolished by the British, and bonny became the export for palm oil production.


Dominant tribes and people who live in the Island speak either the English language, Igbo language, or the Ibani language. The primary language spoken is the Ibani language (their main dialect), named after the town before it became Bonny. Other languages are Igbo, English, and Pidgin.

Local Government Area

Bonny is a Local government area in Rivers state. It is also an island and the capital of the bonny kingdom. The region is known for producing Bonny Light crude oil. Much of the onshore oil extracted in Rivers State is piped to Bonny for export. It has Nigeria’s largest LNG Gas Plant, with six (6) trains.

Economic Outlook and Educational System

The exploration of crude oil and other natural gases and their exportation has been a significant economic booster on Bonny Island. The NLNG and other oil companies, including Mobil, Agip, and Chevron, have a firm industry. Fishing is a job done by many indigenes who reside along the island’s water coast.
Several private and government-owned primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions exist in the town, making it a rich academic excellence place.


Nwaotam is the most celebrated masquerade in Bonny. This masquerade is a spiritual one, unlike other ordinary ones. It comes out on the 25th of December to dance around. Bonny’s real sons and daughters accompany the masquerade to the river as directed by the land’s gods. This is an exciting festival to watch, and the celebration lasts for seven days.

In conclusion, this article keeps you informed and interested in planning an exciting vacation in this wonderful Island.

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